Native Plant Design

Why native?  Native plants are the cornerstone of a healthy ecosystem.  With the rapid growth and development in Richmond many native plant numbers are quickly diminishing.  We strive to get these plants back into residential landscapes.  With so many gorgeous native plants available there is no reason not to use them.  They are already adapted to our climate and soil conditions so plant survival rates are greatly increased.  We are not against non-native plants as long as they are non-invasive; we just feel using natives makes the most sense when it comes to a beautiful low maintenance landscape that benefits all living creatures and improves our quality of life.

  We pride ourselves on our plant knowledge and through constant research we have developed a palate of natives that are functional and well behaved in residential landscapes.  We will use non-natives in specific applications but we strive to keep our native plant usage at 85% on each design.

We do jobs of all sizes. From completely redoing entire front and backyards to just creating one small pollinator garden.  It all makes a difference! 

We look forward to working with you!